Search our selection of both fluorescent and LED arena and barn lights. offering standard and wet location fixtures to find the style that suits your facility needs.

Our fixtures are designed specifically for use in horse facilities and the environments surrounding horses. We light stalls, grooming/wash stalls, feed rooms, hay barns, maintenance and storage areas, aisle ways, breeding sheds, veterinary facilities, and indoor/covered riding arenas.

With GE Ballasts, Miro Reflectors, and Metal Clips Standard – No other lighting source can compare. We combine the latest innovative technology with the most superior components to produce the most effective, safe, and equine friendly fixture available!

Benefits EquiLumination Lighting:

  • Daylight Quality Light
  • Operates on 1/2* the Electricity !
  • Produces 30% – 50%* More Light
  • Lasts at least 50%* Longer
  • Does not Produce Shadows or Glares
  • Instant On
  • Easy Installation
  • Used by the Best Equestrian Builders
  • Cost Effective and GREEN Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

*as compared to metal halide fixtures. EquiLumination LED fixture offer even greater returns

EquiLumination Equine Lighting is  excited to announce the roll out of our LED fixtures

We’ve taken some of the most popular fixtures and engineered them using proprietary LED boards.  We offer both LED retrofits of existing barn and arena lighting fixtures, as well as new fixtures. Our new fixtures cover a wide range of requirements and include water-resistant (IP65) through high-pressure water-resistant (IP69) ratings. LED high ceiling and lower ceiling solutions can directly reduce electricity consumption by up to 85%! Furthermore the long life spans of our LED products eliminate the need for lighting maintenance for ten years or more.

Top Reasons to switch to LED Lighting

  • The Lifespan of LEDs is 20 times longer than an incandescent bulb – up to 80,000 hours!
  • LEDS use only 10-20% od the energy of an incandescent bulb – greatly reducing your electric bill!
  • LED bulbs run very cool – which in some facilities in the heat will save even more energy costs!
  • LED Rebates and LED Incentives are available from your electric company to reduce your LED replacement costs!